About Us

Origin and History

Seth M.R. Jaipuria School foundation stone was laid in April 1991 by late Dr. Raja Ram Jaipuria and the school was established in April 1992 in the memory of Seth Mangtu Ram Jaipuria, a great nationalist and doyen of the textile industry, who was conferred with “Padma Bhushan” by the President of India in 1971 in recognition of his services to the society. Padma Bhushan Seth Mangtu Ram Jaipuria had the farsightedness to understand that holistic education is the key to accelerate the progress and development of independent India. Keeping his ideal in mind, Dr. Raja Ram Jaipuria envisioned a school to impart education that would not only quench academic thirst but also provide nourishment for the body, mind and soul.

Shri Sharad Jaipuria the patron of Seth M.R.Jaipuria School, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, is the President of Integral Education Society which runs and manages Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, Lucknow and also Jaipuria Institutes of Management at Lucknow, Noida, Jaipur and Indore, all premier educational institutes of the country. He is also the Chairman and Managing Director at Ginni International Limited a composite textile mill manufacturing cotton yarn, denim and other fabrics.

Vice-Chairperson’s Message

Anjali Jaipuria
Senior Vice Chairperson

Anjali Jaipuria, the Senior Vice Chairperson has synthesized the ideals of Integral Education in the school environment making it a proud recipient of various international acclaims. Her love and affection for children is an inspiration for the teachers to seek the uniqueness in each child to nurture their individuality.


Seth M.R. Jaipuria School’s pedagogy has been applauded across the globe. The school has lead the era of modernized education in the country with a remarkable international presence. It’s the first Indian school to partner with the Finnish National Board of Education, Teachers Without Borders and the International STEM Society for Human Rights. It is also the first Indian school to be featured in the Huffington Post, Washington and the Greater Good Science Center, UC Berkeley for its innovative practices.

Our Philosophy

We focus on introducing the following 3 principles to young minds in their early childhood days:

  • Unity in the universe
  • Opposites can be resolved
  • God is present and his Presence can be experienced palpably in the centre of one's heart
We believe if these principles are sufficiently absorbed and assimilated by the child, many problems faced by today's youths will be non-existent .

Vision / Mission

At playgroup we initiate the journey of conscious transformation by inspiring curiosity, independence and life-long love for learning

Our purpose is to champion an inspiring model of education, for children to approach their life with integrity, resiliency and compassion

We envision to nurture a future generation of leaders who value their well-being and embrace the world as one big family

Our Team of Educators

Our teachers are qualified early childhood educators. They are trained to address the varied needs of toddlers. The team participates in on-going professional programmes and workshops to stay updated with the current educational trends and to adapt to the changing needs of both children and family.
Our team is under constant advisory guidance from top global professionals of Finland and Singapore, the leading nations in early childhood education. We also have regular visiting international faculty to closely mentor our team of educators

Anjali Jaipuria

Senior Vice Chairperson

At Seth M.R. Jaipuria Playgroup, our commitment is to weave a magical atmosphere where the unparalleled innocence, spontaneous joy, infectious smile, reverberating laughter, unending curiosity and inimitable spirit of exploration finds a medium where it multiplies many fold .

We recognize the fact that our children at this age are not built to sit still, be quiet, walk in a straight line or keep their hands to themselves. They need motion, they need novelty and they need to engage in the world with their whole body. They are insatiable consumers of sensory experiences. Therefore, our curriculum is scientifically designed to constantly surround them in an environment that engages their curiosity and allows their senses to explore. Our environment is rich in learning potential.

At the Jaipuria Playgroup we strive to celebrate the mind. We believe that each and every progress of the mind is a noteworthy milestone to be celebrated; even to be able to identify the letter A is immense progress for achild and it must be acknowledged and celebrated. Therefore, our cognitively engaging curriculum is curated to not just teach your child to count and read; instead, it shall activate his natural desire for lifelong learning.

The USP of Seth M.R. Jaipuria lies in our conviction that touching and educating the heart of our children is pivotal in opening their whole being to the presence of the soul.

Every parent aspires to raise a child with values ingrained in his beings .Well! This work has to and must begin from early childhood years and this forms an integral part of our curriculum. Values cannot and must not be instructed. Our curriculum is built around subtle stories which will have lasting imprints on the innocent hearts and minds of our children.

Our lesson plans orbit around the process of self-reflection and inner exploration providing mind fullness training and social-emotional development every step of the way. We focus on simple human values of caring and bonding, laughing and sharing. Our children will learn the lessons of giving from Mother Nature and Nature shall become their source of inspiration from early years.

The parent-teacher collaboration is at the heart of the Jaipurian philosophy. Through our parent engagement programs, educators mentor parents and guardians till they become an integral part of the educational journey that our toddlers have embarked upon.

Our state of the art learning spaces feed the imagination and curiosity of children and provide a rich learning environment that allows the child to explore freely. The attention to detail in the classroom environment provides a sense of richness to the personalized learning experience for every child.

At Seth M.R. Jaipuria Playgroup the parent will experience new ways of educating the body, emotions and mind of a child through a paradigm shift in the way early education is perceived. Our loving and dedicated teachers shall make a visible difference in your child's life.

Mitali Srivastava

Head Mistress - Seth M R Jaipuria School Gomtinagar, Playgroup, Lucknow

In a time where life for us gets busier by the day and pre-school education becomes an indispensable part of your child's education, we should all try to understand the actual importance of early education. In order to do so we encourage you to take a moment and reason what you seek for your child in these early years of his/her life. The significance of these initial decisions for your child is much more than some of us may assume as these pre-school years lay the foundation of a child's future.

Here at Seth M.R.Jaipuria Gomtinagar Playgroup, children are learning to be more independent, to develop social skills, appreciate their surroundings and gain confidence.

It is imperative that children, at such a young age, feel secure and appreciated in their surroundings. This not only boosts their confidence but helps them learn better. At Jaipuria, we ensure learning through experiences and give children the freedom to gain knowledge through their own efforts.

Our purpose is to encourage the children to think critically, make little but significant decisions for themselves rather than force-feeding knowledge. "As in the education of the mind, so in the education of the heart, the best way is to put the child into the right road to his own perfection and encourage him to follow it, watching,

suggesting, helping, but not interfering," as Sri Aurobindo suggests, we believe that every child is naturally curious and enthusiastic, and we are here to channel their energy without interfering with their freedom of mind.

Through play-based learning and a healthy combination of games, group activities, and an advanced curriculum in areas of science, mathematics, arts, as well as music, we focus on nurturing gross and fine motor skills, while also building up on their problem solving and reasoning skills.

Another crucial element in a child's educational foundation is role of the parents. For us, parent involvement is a priority in the overall development of a child. Therefore we offer special activities designed by an expert faculty, as a part of our 'parentteacher collaboration program'. We encourage you to actively be a part of the classroom activities and school programs, and enjoy your child's early experiences.

We understand how challenging it can get for a parent to let their little one out in the world and thus we strive to provide complete support and care to the child. We aim to establish a cordial relationship with parents which is not only limited to the classroom walls. We follow an open door policy and take every possible measure to make sure parents feel secure and satisfied about the child.

This is a significant transition phase for children that requires immense support, attention and care. The idea is to be able to transform a child's world by unleashing the potential within. Together we look forward to celebrate and cherish this brief yet meaningful phase of your child's life.