Beginning with the holistic growth

For the most crucial years of your child, we bring a holistic development program for emotional, social, creative, physical, cognitive and environmental aspects.

Curriculum for overall growth

Social-emotional development -
Lessons to help children identify themselves as unique individuals, understand different emotions and develop a positive relationship with their peers.
Physical development -
Emphasis on fitness, development and modules to nurture active physical beings
Cognitive development -
Focus on developing the child’s counting skills, vocabulary, recognition, memory skills and engaging in imaginative and dramatic play
Creative development -
Experimenting with creative tools, unique sensory exploration, theatre, art and music to invent new ways of thinking beyond classrooms
Music -
Exposing children to musical experiences that gain neural connections and help with brain development and cognitive thinking.
Environment based curriculum to instill a sense of awe and wonder for nature, to stimulate aesthetic awareness and a heightened sense of beauty for the outside world.
Lessons to develop a better sense of inner well-being, raising them robust and optimistic, happy and better equipped to deal with life’s experiences.