Our Curriculum

Social-emotional development

Our lessons are designed to help children identify themselves as unique individuals, understand different emotions and develop a positive relationship with their peers

Physical development

We have laid special emphasis on the fitness of the child. Our focus is to develop not only gross and fine motor skills but to nurture active physical beings by exposing them to developmentally appropriate modules

Cognitive development

Our curriculum is focused on developing the child’s counting skills, vocabulary, recognition , memory skills and engaging in imaginative and dramatic play

Creative development

 We believe when children experiment with creative tools, they dabble in a unique sensory exploration within. Through theatre, art and music we encourage each child to invent new ways of thinking which extends beyond the classroom


Our music curriculum focuses on consistently exposing children to musical experiences that gain neural connections and help with their brain development and cognitive thinking


A crucial part of our curriculum is environment based. Our activities are framed to instill a sense of awe and wonder for nature. We aim to stimulate aesthetic awareness amongst each child with a heightened sense of beauty for the outside world


We believe children who are raised with a robust and well-developed spiritual life are happier, optimistic, thriving and better equipped to deal with life’s ordinary (and even extraordinary) experiences. Therefore our lessons are designed to help children develop a better sense of inner well-being